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Grant Haze Office Furniture


We have a fantastic range of office furniture available to buy at competitive prices, including office chairs, filing cabinets, computer desks, etc. No matter what your office furniture needs, we will have or will be able to supply the office furniture you need to help you create a positive and comfortable work environment.


Browse our PDF to see what we can supply. Remember, if you don't see what you like in our range simply give us a call and we will do everything we can to find something suitable.


We are able to source furniture from most manufacturers in the industry so you can be confident that we will be able to get the best deals and provide you with a quality product at a great price.

For full information of our extensive range, please download the info sheet.

Storage Solutions for a vast array of requirements...

Storage Solutions from Grant Haze


We can offer a huge range of solutions from our new range, including...


Galvanised Storage.  With a longer than average life span, the galvanised system offers a wide range of easy to maintain

shelving and storage systems. With new ranges due in the next 12 months, this popular range of storage is the ideal storage medium

for home and business use.

MONDRIAN clipped twin skin shelving system. Manufactured in Birmingham from mild steel sourced from Port Talbot. This easy to construct product is highly adjustable and adaptable, and can be configured to become everything from an office shelving system, to a storage wall, library & archive shelving to retail displays


Mobile Shelving. Mobile shelving may be supplied in either handle, hand wheel or in some cases electronic motive formats. The major benefit of the mobile shelving system is the increase of available storage space; adding up to 50% extra shelving to a static system with the same footprint, our mobile units are designed to offer longevity whilst blending into any environment with a choice of colour and graphic design options.


KANBAN Industrial unit Designed to your specification, the heavy duty unit is available in both static and mobile versions. The heavy duty

castors are capable of supporting up to 2500KG . Kanban is used in many sectors from automotive to food processing. Supplied in a number of colour options with painted or galvanised shelves.



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