I-Tec iHTL Access Control Door Handle - Proximity Card (Available with or without software)

D&E i-TEC iHTL Access control door handle

An all-purpose ‘proximity’ Handle Set.  

All functions of this Handle can be easily programmed through the available ‘Software’ or a ‘Mifare Management Card’.   It is supplied ready for installation within a software driven system but can be easily switched to operate as a ‘stand-alone’ unit.   If, in the future, the system is upgraded the existing handle sets can be simply switched back to work with ‘Software’.  

Installation of this low energy Handle Set is simple and wire free.   It is adaptable for use with many different lock types, and is available with cylinder override, without cylinder override, or with a secret cylinder override.   

The Handle Set is available as standard in a Satin Stainless Steel finish.   Both Polished Stainless Steel and a PVD Brass finish are available to order.

See also:

iHTL Glass;  Handle set for glass doors

iHTL Mini; Handle set for use with your choice of lever furniture

Please be aware these handle sets are handed.

iHTL PS - Without keyway

iHTL EO - With hidden keyway PZ72mm (Magnetic cover cap)

iHTL EP - With security escutcheon PZ72mm

iHTL EA - With keyway PZ72mm

PZ72mm supplied as standard.

Also available with the following centres – 78mm*, 85mm*, 88mm*  & 92mm* -   If you require any of these sizes please specify when ordering.

*These are special order items only M.O.Q. May apply.

Door handle options:

Handle design ‘D’ supplied as standard – Please specify when ordering.

Software & cards are sold separately.

With Software (Items listed below in Bold also apply when used 'without software')

Stainless Steel


64,000 users

User levels


Low battery warning

Minimum door thickness 28mm


Future access

Master card

Blacklist card

Data collection


Recording regist ries: 500

Daily back up

Emergency key

Limit of openings

Open time 7s

Emergency opening – Mechanical key (Optional)

CE Certification

Compatible with several lock types

Do not disturb mode

Mifare 1K-4K – Compatible W/NFC


Reset: Dual compatibility

LED: Blue / Red

Static consumption: 15UA

Operating consumption: 350mA

DC 6V (4 AAA Batteries - Batteries not included) Humidity <98%

Work temperature -30 degrees Celsius - +65 degrees Celsius

Storage temperature -20 degrees Celsius - +55 degrees Celsius

Weight – 2.8kg

Without Software (Also Includes items listed above that are Bold)

100 Users

Clone card

Management card

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I-Tec iHTL Access Control Door Handle - Proximity Card (Available with or without software) (I-Tec iHTL Access Control Door Handle - Proximity Card)

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