Bar Cabinet Handle - FTD4750

Bar Cabinet Handle - (FTD4750)
16mm Diameter Bar

  • Fingertip Design Bar Cabinet Handle
  • Complete with fixings



Description & Sizes

FTD4750B SN/SS 128mm c/c  143mm Overall
FTD4750C SN/SS 160mm c/c  175mm Overall
FTD4750D SN/SS 192mm c/c  207mm Overall
FTD4750E SN/SS 256mm c/c  239mm Overall
FTD4750F SN/SS 320mm c/c  335mm Overall
FTD4750G SN/SS 448mm c/c  463mm Overall
FTD4750N SN/SS 608mm c/c  648mm Overall
FTD4750S SN/SS 864mm c/c  904mm Overall


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Bar Cabinet Handle - FTD4750 (FTD4750)

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