Light Duty Tee Hinge - 121L

Tee Hinge - (121L)
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Code Finishes Description & Sizes
121L/102 EX/B  BZP Tee Hinge 100mm (4") Per Pair 
121L/152 EX/B  BZP Tee Hinge 152mm (6") Per Pair
121L/203 EX/B  BZP Tee Hinge 203mm (8") Per Pair 
121L/229 EX/B  BZP Tee Hinge 229mm (9") Per Pair
121L/254 EX/B  BZP Tee Hinge 254mm (10") Per Pair 
121L/305 EX/B  BZP  Tee Hinge 305mm (12") Per Pair


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Light Duty Tee Hinge - 121L (121L)

  • Brand: Grant Haze
  • Product Code:121L

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Tags: 121l, hinges, tee light, duty, gate, grant, haze