• ANTPPSSS anti-ligature pivot hinge protector (ANTPPSSS) Grant Haze Architectural Ironmongers and Builders Merchants

ANTPPSSS anti-ligature pivot hinge protector

Pivot protectors

The part of the door that has a pivot fitted to it is very vulnerable to damage often due to misuse the pivot can break out of the door completely making the door dangerous as it could fall on the user.

Fitting pivot protectors top and bottom will prevent damage occurring or allow repair to damage already suffered. The cost of replacing a damaged door is many times the cost of the protector.

Using these protectors is also a contribution to your Health and Safety programme.

This product can be supplied with our TouchClean anti bacterial coating or coated with our wood look finish.

Can be supplied to suit any door thickness, just let us know what size you need in the additional info, or give us a call! for more information.

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ANTPPSSS anti-ligature pivot hinge protector (ANTPPSSS)

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