• AFF Foam Fire Extinguisher (Class A, B & C) (EXTINGFOAMX) Grant Haze Architectural Ironmongers and Builders Merchants

AFF Foam Fire Extinguisher (Class A, B and C)

Portable fire-extinguishing product for protecting against any fire risk in any vehicle, event, home, or business, anywhere.
Easily mounted onto stands and brackets. 

Various sizes and types available, please ensure you get the correct type for the correct use.

Fire Types: 
Class A (Paper, wood, textile & fabrics), 
Class B (Flammable liquids such as 
paraffin, petrol, oil etc.)  
Class C (Flammable gases such as propane, butane, methane etc.)

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AFF Foam Fire Extinguisher (Class A, B & C) (EXTINGFOAMX)

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