Speed Ramp Kit 10-15 MPH

10mph speed ramps are highly effective traffic calming products designed to control vehicular speed in a wide variety of environments include school zones, warehouse and construction sites, shopping car parks and residential streets.

Our heavy duty speed ramps offer excellent value for money slowing down traffic to safe speeds of approximately 10 miles per hour.

Reduces traffic speeds to 10-15 mph
Made from dense, heavy-duty 100% recycled PVC
Non-slip surface with embedded reflectors
Embedded cat’s eyes for maximum visibility
All fixings included
Manufactured in the UK
Supplied in bundles of sections that are laid side by side to create a run, each speed ramp bundle contains several middle sections and two tapered end sections in black and high visibility yellow that can be positioned alternatively creating an individual speed bump suited to your unique requirements.


Mid section: 50mm(h) x 500mm(w) x 425mm(d)
End caps are tapered and 210mm long
Weight: 7.8kg (End caps: 2.2kg)
Each mid section includes:
4 x coach screws (12mm x 75mm)
4 x nylon plugs (14mm x 75mm)
Each end cap includes:
2 x coach screws(12mm x 75mm)
2 x nylon plugs (14mm x 75mm)
All fixings are universal, suitable for both concrete and tarmac. For installation instructions please see the bottom of the page, or contact us for details.

Please note: Remember to provide adequate signage for motorists to make them aware of upcoming speed ramps and recommended speed limits.

How to install speed ramps

Tools required:
Electric SDS drill with hammer action
14mm SDS masonry drill bit
17mm ratchet/socket
1. Lay out the speed ramp sections in the desired position
2. Drill 50mm into the ground
3. Temporarily remove the ramp sections
4. Tap in the nylon plugs (included) into the holes you have just created
5. Brush away any debris
6. Reposition the speed ramp sections
7. Working from the middle to the ends of your ramp, insert and tighten the coach screws (included) half way
8. Tighten the coach screws fully to finish.

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Speed Ramp Kit 10-15 MPH (SB22.5CM-KIT)

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