I-Tec iMCODE Motorised Locks

D&E iTEC iM Collection Of Motorised Door Locks

Motorised Door Lock Range - No Software Required.

A very sleek and futuristic looking unit the iM Collection of door locks are all suitable for indoor environments.   They  have a motorised lock and allows opening via key code (iMCODE Pin);   key code and card (iMCODE*); key code and fingerprint (iMCODE Bio).

*The iMCODE is also prepared to work with NFC (Near Field Communication).   

Sliding Door versions are also available see SC models (iMCODE-SC).  

The iM Collection of locks have many extra security features such as disablement of external keypad; the addition of a random code to gain entry – making it impossible for an observer to learn the key code.

All of these models run off 4 x AA batteries (Batteries not included).

See also:
iMCODE Glass; For glass doors

Without Software
iMCODE-PIN - (Items listed below in Bold also applies to iMCODE & iMBIO)

Fibre Glass




CE Certification

Open Time 7s

LED: White


Do Not Disturb

Password 4 to 12 digits

Low Battery Warning

Door Thickness 40-50mm

DC 6V (4 AA Batteries - Batteries not included)


Emergency Link

Operating consumption: 350mA

Static consumption: 20UA

Humidity <98%

Fire sensor automatic opening 50 degrees Celsius

Work temperature 62 degrees Celsius - 5 degrees Celsius

Storage temperature 72 degrees Celsius - 5 degrees celsius

Weight - 1kg

iMCODE / iMCODE-SC - (Also Includes items listed above that are Bold)

Fibre Glass

30 Users


Mifare 1K-4K W/NFC

iMBIO / iMBIO-SC- (Also Includes items listed above that are Bold)

Exterior - Al / Zn / Pc - Interior Ai / Zn / ABS

100 Users


Mifare 1K-4K W/NFC

Standby Mode

Temperature Sensor

Automatic Unlock >62 degrees Celsius + 5 degrees Celsius

Automatic Locking


Anti-Hacking Alarm

Anti-Prank (1 minute lock)

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I-Tec iMCODE Motorised Locks (I-Tec iMCODE Motorised Locks)

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