I-Tec iFP Access Control Door Handle - Finger Print Reader and Code Touch Pad

D&E i-TEC iCODE Access control door handle

Electronic Digital Handle Set

Digital Access has never been easier. Battery operated. User levels, and management codes. Codes can be changed without removing the unit from the Door.  Keypad locks out after six wrong entries. Passage function. Compatible with most European lock cases. Up to 100 separate user codes (without software).  An audit trail. 

The iCODE can be used as a stand alone unit or with software. Versions available are standard, key override, and secret key override. 
D&E i-TEC iFP Access control door handle

Biometric Handle Set.

With this product you have entry literarily at your finger tips.   Up to 120 users, including management levels entry is gained via fingerprint, or by numerical pin, or a combination of both.   Pin Codes can be stolen or forgotten – your fingerprint is always with and unique to you.   An audit trail is available.   Compatible with most European lock cases.   Versions available are standard, key override, and secret key override.  

The Handle Set is available as standard in a Satin Stainless Steel finish.   Both Polished Stainless Steel and a PVD Brass finish are available to order. 

See also:

iFP   Glass; Handle set for glass doors

iFP   Mini;   Handle set for use with your choice of lever furniture

Please be aware these handle sets are handed.

iFP PS - Without keyway
iFP EO - With hidden keyway PZ72mm (Magnetic cover cap)
iFP EP - With security escutcheon PZ72mm
iFP EA - With keyway PZ72mm
PZ72mm supplied as standard.

Also available with the following centres – 70mm*, 78mm*, 85mm*, 88mm*  & 92mm* -   If you require any of these sizes please specify when ordering.

*These are special order items only M.O.Q. May apply.

Door handle options:

Handle design ‘D’ supplied as standard – Please specify when ordering.

Without Software

Stainless Steel
Finger print
Touch pad
Management Finger print / Code
Open time 7s
Emergency opening – Mechanical key (Optional)
120 users
Recording registries: 128
CE Certification
Static consumption: 20UA
Operating consumption: 350mA
LED: Blue
Minimum door thickness 28mm
Low battery warning
DC 6V (4 AAA Batteries - Batteries not included)
Humidity <98%
Work temperature -30 degrees Celsius - +65 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature -20 degrees Celsius - +55 degrees Celsius
Do not disturb mode
Reset by button
Compatible with several lock types
Weight – 2.5kg

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I-Tec iFP Access Control Door Handle - Finger Print Reader & Code Touch Pad (I-Tec iFP Biometric reader)

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